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Flamenco Hoy by Carlos Saura
Flamenco Hoy by Carlos Saura | Aviv Productions
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Flamenco Hoy by Carlos Saura

Flamenco Hoy by Carlos Saura | Aviv2.com

Flamenco Hoy, directed by the celebrated film maestro Carlos Saura, is a spectacular showcase of flamenco with breathtaking dance, dynamic music, and soul-searing singing.

Featuring 20 of Spain's most exciting artists from the new generation of flamenco, dramatic choreography by Rafael Estevez and Nani Panos, and musical direction by the electrifying pianist Chano Dominguez, this dazzling show takes the audience into the heart of flamenco today.



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Press Reviews

Still Evolving, With an Assist From an Old Pro

New York Times
"TWELVE sinuous dancers emerged from the shadows, twisting and turning to the stark rhythms of guitars. Chests raised, their visceral response to the music clear, they formed eloquent arabesques with their hands and arms. These are the electrifying opening moments of “Flamenco Hoy” (“Flamenco Today”), a two-hour journey through the genre’s history that is coming to City Center in New York, Feb. 16 to 20.

The show departs from several conventions, but perhaps the most important departure is in the choice of director: the filmmaker Carlos Saura. Over the years theater producers have often sought out Mr. Saura, 79, because of his affinity for flamenco, demonstrated by projects like “Flamenco, Flamenco” (2010), only the latest of his several movies on the subject..." [read more]


Official web site: www.FlamencoHoyDeCarlosSaura.com

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